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  • comprimés dose
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In other words 270€ for 12 months
3 free bags

In your Substance bag:
Your dose of Substance’s pure spirulina
for twelve months of performance.
To be delivered at the address
of your choice.
Delivery fees included.


You receive 12 bags of 200 pills of 500mg
pure spirulina each for a recommended allowance
of 6 pills a day, i.e. a daily dose
of 3g of Substance spirulina.

3 months for free
  • pack pro comprimés de spiruline
  • sachet verso
  • comprimés dose
  • Coffret Substance fermé
  • coffret ouvert
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Pushing past your limits, setting the most ambitious goals… Everyday life with Substance spirulina is like no other. Mentally tough, physically strong, you are ready to meet any challenge! You’ll have a little bit of Iron Man, won’t you?
Substance imagined its product while thinking “lifestyle”.
That’s why we decided to offer spirulina in its best shape:
the most practical, the lightest, the simplest to carry anywhere.
The pills came as an evidence: small pieces of concentrated benefits,
condensed effectiveness, you can take them in a small pocket during
a race, in your backpack during an expedition, on foot, on boat…
The Substance pills are swallowed quickly and easily everywhere you go.

We recommend 3g of spirulina in average every day, that is 6 pills,
to reach:
• More performance
• Better recovery
• More intense training.
The 500-mg-spirulina pills are to be taken before, during
or after effort depending on your wishes and possibilities.

Minimum nutritional values For 6 pills (Recommended Daily Allowance) For 125g in pills
3g spirulina RDA 100 g spirulina RDA
value unit % value unit %
Proteins 1,94 g 64,70 g
Lipids 0,19 g 6,30 g
Carbohydrates 1,14 g 37,90 g
Calcium 5,10 mg 0,14 g
Sodium 21,00 mg 0,70 g
Potassium 43,50 mg 1,45 g
Iron 2,10 mg 15,00 0,07 g 500
Magnesium 9,00 mg 0,30 g
Vit B12 2,89 µg 96,00 96,30 µg 3200
Beta Carotene 3,45 mg 72,00 115,00 mg 2400
Energy 14,53 Kcal 484,20 Kcal
Energy 61,01 KJ 2033,64 KJ
Phycocyanine (15 %) 0,45 g 15,00 g
The Recommended Daily Allowance is set to 3g by Substance.
This choice is justified and determined by the specific composition
of spirulina (in beta-carotene and in Vitamin B12 among other things).
This dose covers 72% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)
in beta-carotene and more importantly 96% of the Vitamin B12 RDA.
Depending on your build and how intensely you are training,
this dose does not constitute a limit and can be
progressively raised.
Pure Spirulina
Natural Spirulina
Controled Spirulina
Efficient Spirulina
Our commitments

Endurance sports such as triathlon impose long and intense efforts. By taking a dose of Substance spirulina every day, you will be amazed at your capacities during training, competitions and recovery.

Every minute, no matter your level, Substance spirulina sustains your performance at sports.

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