An optimal composition…
And a tested one

Substance does not skimp on tests: our spirulina is tested not only to make sure it complies with the basic requirements of food safety (dealing with bacteriological quality and heavy metals) but also to assure the athletes that it contains all the nutrients they need – because we are concerned with that too!

For example, thanks to the work of our engineers and our nutritionists, we can guarantee that SUBSTANCE’s spirulina contains 15% phycocyanin – spirulina’s star component.

Local production, as much as possible

SUBSTANCE does its best to favour a French production chain by training local farmers to use the techniques we have developed.
Whether it is in France or elsewhere, the production entrusted to our partners is regulated by precise specifications regarding cultivation processes, nutrient media, water quality and energy saving.

Sustainable development

SUBSTANCE’s spirulina is not certified organic, because the organic standards for spirulina do not exist in France.
However, SUBSTANCE is really committed to using heat coming from incineration plants (which would otherwise be lost) and CO2 (which otherwise would be added to glasshouse gas emissions).

Tests on effectivity too

SUBSTANCE does not content itself with what has already be written on spirulina but launches research on its own spirulina in collaboration with the laboratory Mouvement, Sport et Santé (M2S – Movement, Sport and Health), an acknowledged specialist in sports nutritionin order to guarantee its effectiveness for the physiology of athletes.
Pure Spirulina
Natural Spirulina
Controled Spirulina
Efficient Spirulina
Our commitments

Endurance sports such as triathlon impose long and intense efforts. By taking a dose of Substance spirulina every day, you will be amazed at your capacities during training, competitions and recovery.

Every minute, no matter your level, Substance spirulina sustains your performance at sports.

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